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Musicians have been venturing into NFTs as a way to increase revenue streams after a halt of live music performances due to the pandemic. Earlier this year, musician and artist Grimes also sold 10 digital artworks at auction VideoCoin to raise a total of around US$6 million. In addition to authenticity and traceability, NFTs enable artists to cut out expenses of intermediaries which could solve the issue of musicians struggling to profit from their work.


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How are NFTs stored? How does NFT Storage work?

The NFT platform, which donates a portion of all proceeds to charitable causes, endeavors to bring exclusive, rare collectible content from high-profile artists, athletes, entertainers, and industry evangelists. Latvian-based art collective Kiwie is bringing its iconic Fat Monster character to the blockchain as it becomes the first group to create and auction NFTs from physical graffiti installations. The new initiative designed to connect the online and offline art worlds will involve building virtual 3D models of spray-painted figures. Each will be accompanied by a geotag to connect ownership of art to the NFT. Another exciting week in the NFT universe has unfolded as Kiwie digitizes graffiti in new collectibles, the original meme makes its way to market, and a new integration between Videocoin and Filecoin supports video-based NFTs. Vivid Labs recently debuted their excellent new technology through snowboarding enthusiasts, Natural Selection, offering up NFTs featuring artwork, 3D courses, videos and physical posters at their latest tournament. The problem with me and conferences is that I come away wanting to invest in everything.

  • Interactive Kiddie Ride with Monitor Insert coins to start the game.
  • Do you use futures and options markets to help you manage risk?
  • Media is one of the biggest areas where blockchain can make a massive, immediate impact because of the large costs and need for streamlined video processing.
  • Meanwhile, we had started making the main stages with the theme of collecting a million coins, when a big problem arose.
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Interactive Kiddie Ride with Monitor Insert coins to start the game. The articles published on this website, current at the dates of publication set out above, are for reference purposes only. They do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Specific legal advice about your specific circumstances should always be sought separately before taking any action. An NFT is a representation of an underlying asset, not the asset itself, therefore owning an NFT means one can claim ownership over the token however it does not, by itself, result in ownership of the underlying asset. As such NFTs do not automatically confer copyright in any creative work represented by the NFT, unless otherwise agreed between the creator of the NFT and the first purchaser. Following this initial auction, four more sets of yet unpainted monsters will be minted in the coming months.

Some of the many pending uses for blockchain is a platform about business insights, tech, 4IR, digital transformation and growth, executive education and change through the social media for businesses – both startups and corporations. NFT.Storage uses IPFS to create digital fingerprints for all new NFTs, which universally reference the content regardless of how or where it is stored. Using these fingerprints to reference NFT assets and metadata prevents problems like NFT assets disappearing or getting “rug pulled”. NFT.Storage uses Filecoin to preserve NFT assets and metadata with dozens of global storage providers to ensure that the content is publicly accessible without a central point of failure for the long term.

Dominic Frisby outlines some of its many uses, and makes a prediction on the future of bitcoin. The adjustment is based on 11 years’ data and a trial last campaign which showed that overall sugar content fell by 0.185% when switching to whole beet harvesting. With blockchain, organisations seeking to wield it will need to prove that servers owned by a plethora of different people can reliably be used to process data.

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She has written for most national newspapers and started her career in BBC local radio. 5G will enable a plethora of new IoT and data-rich technologies that will all require extremely low latency.


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Like Pokemon cards, the purchasers do not know which moments are included in the pack, but they have the ability to sell the NFTs on a secondary marketplace where the most sought after highlights have sold for up to $200,000 dollars. The authenticity of the underlying work should also be verified – there have been instances reported of artists’ works being sold as NFTs without their permission. Marketplaces such as OpenSea have attempted to tackle this by building into their terms of service that content posted on the platform will not contain copyrighted material unless the user has permission to post the material and grant OpenSea a license over it. It has also designated a ‘copyright agent’ to deal with infringement complaints, and has reserved the right to remove content from the platform. The legal status of smart contracts in the UK remains the subject of debate. The UKJT Statement suggests that smart contracts are capable of having contractual force, but a further consultation is being carried out by the Law Commission and this position remains to be tested in the English courts. Transactions executed solely on the basis of a smart contract may therefore raise questions of enforceability, jurisdiction of courts, contractual interpretation and remediation in the event of a dispute.


Therefore, NFTs will never vanish or break due to system constraints. To address the growing interest in merging video content with NFTs, Videocoin, which operates a decentralized video-processing network, is integrating Filecoin to build a platform to mint, store, and trade video NFTs. Unlike other networks which simply mint the non-fungible token, this new integration will see Filecoin also provide Proof Of Ownership to resolve pain points involving ownership validation and origin verification. Media is one of the biggest areas where blockchain can make a massive, immediate impact because of the large costs and need for streamlined video processing. Currently, as media companies are forced to depend on centralized cloud providers for video processing, they are effectively renting compute and storage from their competitors. Filecoin’s decentralized blockchain storage network currently boasts approximately 2.5 billion gigabytes of capacity. Thanks to this scale, the freshly announced integration can help video owners tap into their catalogs’ value by providing the actual infrastructure itself.

Filecoin expands capacity

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